Flervin Aeraloth

Sorcerer wanting to gain power, honor


Elf; Mage(Sorcerer); Lvl 7; 2799 XP; 0 PP; 0 TP; 1 LP;

BOD: 7; MOB: 5; MIND: 8
STR: 0; AG: 0; IN: 3; CO: 1; DX: 7(3 + 4); AU: 6;
HP: 25; DEF: 10, INI: 5; MOVE: 4; MAT: 7; RAT:10; SPC: 15; TSC: 14

Quarterstaff +1 WB, SPECIAL: TSC +1;
Wand of Fire Lance Allows the knowledge of 2 spells without the need to spell swap.
Armor Effect
Runic Robe AU+1
Ring of Protection +2AV
Talent NameRankEffect
Fire Magic 3 of 3Bonus of +1 per talent rank to spells with a fire effect.
Lucky Devil1 of 3 Ignore 1 fumble once per day per rank.
Endurance2 of 3+3 HP per rank
Mindful Magic1 of 3Once per rand and confrontation use MND to enhance SPC or TSC for 1 round.
Spell Name Effect
Fire Beam TSC 15 +1 SM +3 Fire Magic Talent = 19; IN x 5 meters.
Fire Lance TSC 15 + 2 SM +3 Fire Magic Talent = 20; IN x 10 meters
Equipment NameQuantityEffect
Steel, Flint and Tinder 1
Daily Ration 2
Bandages 2 +1 to Catching Breath or +1 to Natural Healing
Healing Herbs 1 1d10 of healing, 11+ = Miss
Small Coin Pouches 13 Effectively carry a small amount of coins
List of Reagents 1 List of Reagents being sought by Kurumtum back in town
Fishing Pole and Hook 1
Net(Casting 1
Levatation Potion 1
Cooldown Potion 3 1/2 CD rate for 1 fight
Scroll of Identify Magic 1 Per spell
Scroll of Fireball1 Per spell
Pop-up Book 1 Children’s Book

Servant: Mudraks, Lvl 1 Goblin Scout
BOD: 7(2/1) MOB: 8(4/2) MND: 5(1/0)
HP: 9 DEF: 8 INI: 10 MR: 5 MAT: 9 RAT: 9
More than Meets the Eye, Nightvision, Small, Unkempt, Quick
Elven Dagger +1 WB
Known Diet: Raw Fish

CHANGES: Inventory Updates
Level-Up: PP:1 DX (PP cash-in), TP: Endurance 2 of 3 (3 HP), LP: Increase any trait by +1, chosen option = DX


Flervin was born under the veil of a cool, calm night in the village of Westing in the Dawn Woods. He was born to Cyren and Nia Aeraloth, caring and proud Elves, dedicated to upholding the proud traditions of their people.

Flervin’s father seemed a powerful man, and fairly well known in the village.His mother would always be busy in the kitchen. Constantly one would find pots boiling continuously with sparse ingredients and she would attempt to make potions and various other concoctions. As Flervin grew older, his father would teach him about the powers to be found within the art of Magic. He began teaching bit by bit the splendor of harnessing and bending the world around him to his will. Both parents never broke the mentality of their people’s honor, and what it may take to protect and keep it pure. His mother went so far as to simply explain to him that some of the greatest good is found by way of the most heinous acts.

The time finally came where Flervin’s thirst for the world grew too great to keep him at home. He needed to earn his own way in life and earn his own keep. He wanted to be a reason the evils of their world were kept at bay. He constantly seeks to honor the good and those who seek the same. He wishes to do so by proving himself to be a great and powerful sorcerer…at any cost.

After getting a taste for adventure, Flervin’s thirst to become the best Sorcerer in the Lands is beginning to grow. He wants the power, and he wants to strike down his foes with vicious force.

He currently views his recent procurement of Mudraks to be of value if for nothing other than information to further the interests of the adventuring party. If he is able, Flervin will make a fighter out of him yet.

Flervin Aeraloth

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