Voras the Spider Lord

Voras is a powerful sorcerer who has been involved in several of the plots afoot in the Pine Hills region and beyond. He has been encounter a few times by the bandits. He was spotted by Mudraks leaving the goblin caves where he turned a clan of goblins into spider/goblin hybrids called Ettercaps.

He was then spotted leaving the town of Tamin after shifting magically into a woman to fool the bandits. He was in the possession of the Fang of Snarrk`Izz dagger until the bandits thwarted his plans.

He was last encountered in the city of Conterra where he was involved to a certain degree with a plague there. His magics kept the city covered in clouds and fog, preventing the Helian Sun Orb from storing energy. He was defeated by the bandits and teleported, leaving his spider-steed and other minions (including more ettercaps, driders and monstrous spiders). When he left, the cult disbanded and fled in a non-unified manner, lending the the thought that he magically or otherwise compelled them into service.

He was later discovered infesting the forest of Dawnwood with his 8 legged minions. The bandits managed to locate his headquarters and slayed the alchemist, ending his reign of terror.

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Voras the Spider Lord

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