The Hole

The meals may be average and the drinks a bit watered down, but there isn’t another option in town and it’s cheap enough to get a full belly of whatever you need. The house beer, “Holebrew”, is a very bitter lager. The proprietor, a dwarf named Gombur, runs the bar and is always on the lookout for new ‘beauties’ that can be purchased for a few hours of ‘companionship’.

There are large tables, a row of barstools at the bar, several small booths (with privacy curtains) 2 rooms for private parties, and an upper level with 5 ‘guest rooms’ although not many people spend the night. There are darts, billiards and games of all sorts going on during a typical night. Barfights are tolerated and Gombur attempts to have the parties ‘move it outside’ if it gets too rough.

Simple MealNothing Special5cp
Regular MealFilling1sp
Big Meal2 courses5sp
Bandit’s FeastA night of food and drink5gp
Mug of Hole BrewBitter and watery!1cp
Import AleAnything not Holebrew2cp
Goblet of Winered or red2cp
“Elven Wine”Honey added to reg. wine5cp
Brief ‘Company’In upper hall5sp
Better ‘Company’In room 1 hr1gp
Night of ‘Company’Includes room & bath5gp
Latest RumorsGombur hears a lotvaries

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The Hole

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