Small village that is experiencing a rat plague. There is not much to the place. A single inn called The Red Rooster, a small traveler’s temple to Helia, a grange/general store and a village elder’s house

The rat plague has brought ‘pied pipers’ – rat hunters from all around. They have paid a fee to hunt in the area and are reimbursed 2sp a tail. The pied pipers are very territorial, staking claim to areas of the village, laying traps and poisoned food in an attempt to get the most tails.

Incidentally, one of the other jobs offered to Carl and Jackal was to Go get a Knife there…

After breaking the magic circle in the temple under the tavern, the plague slows down and the remaining pied pipers deal with the remaining rats. The plague is over, for now. Some of the bandits are accused of being part of the trouble, including several deaths.

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