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Payment: Favored status in shop (discount of 20-30%)

Kurumtum the Old needs people to fetch some rare herbs and plants he needs for a potion. He gives you descriptions of each and where they can most likely be found:

10 Dragon’s Foot Herbs FOUND (Dragon’s foot is a low sunlight ground cover plant, with large pointed leaves in threes. Found in forests. I’d try Dawnwood.

5 Skullroots (These onion like plants have white bulbs with curious black knots. They stick out of the ground and look like a partially buried skull. Nomans Field would be a best bet. A favorite of ogres, who add it to their elven stews!)

5 Gorgon’s Breath flowers(These purple flowers grow in swamps. They have a horrid smell that attracts flies. The flower’s juices petrify the flies and they fall into them, being slowly digested! No worries for people!)

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Search for ingredients

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