Since the dwarves of Ironhall refuse entry into their city for any non-dwarven visitors, a small trading post grew up outside of Ironhall’s main gate. This place, open to all, became a major center of trade between Ironhall and the outside world. Over time, this post grew into a fairly large city in its own right. Premont is autonomous, having its own government, city guard and so forth, but it has never seemed to break free of the massive dwarven community that birthed it. Ironhall’s rule extends into the city, its Longbeards having just as much, if not more, authority than Premont constables.

Premont is comprised of a few areas or districts. While not separated by walls, these areas are distinctive and it’s fairly easy to tell when you’ve moved from one to another based upon the buildings, people and activities going on there.

Riverside – The headwaters of the Long River carry trade from the coast all the way to Premont. The river being so shallow at this point that flat-bottomed barges are required to transport goods to places south. Premont docks are always bustling with activity, with people shipping dwarven forged metalwork south and wood and grain from the farmlands below up to the dwarves.

Merchant District – This area holds the homes of the major trading houses. While the city of Vestrach is home to the powerful merchant families, each has a satellite house here in Premont. Most of the houses are walled and guarded, as the families are very protective of their power and wealth.

Trading Post – The original section of town, the Trading Post has become a massive maze of merchants, shops and conveniences for the traveler. There are shops, guest houses and taverns that all claim to be established from ‘day one’ of Premont’s history.

Artisan Quarter – Skilled tradesman, jewelers, silversmiths and the like make this quaint district their home. Lots of dwarves from Ironhall come here to shop for things made by other cultures, so many of the local restaurants and taverns cater to dwarven tastes rather than human.

Temple District – This area built near an overloaded cemetery is home to several temples, each dedicated to a god of the pantheon of Caera.

Law Street: This small section of town, very close to the main gates of Ironhall, is the seat of power within the city. Here administrative buildings, such as the mayor’s office, the jail, courthouse and town guard barracks can be found.

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