Plague in Conterra

While traveling with the Priestess of the Noon Day Sun, Arla, on a quest to deliver the Journal of Anaxagoras to the Helian Fortress in the metropolis of Stormbluff, the bandits moved past the riverside city of Conterra. The city appeared to be deserted and apparently suffering from a siege of some kind.

The mercenary army known as the Battle Brothers defended its walls and the riverway, instructing ships to pass by the city, which had been sealed from all traffic to and fro. Ajax asked the mercs if healers were needed and they said yes, and instructed any wishing to assist to travel past the city and go to the Cease Fire, an inn just outside the city gates.

The crew arrived and went to the inn where they were introduced to an odd, elderly healer named Grimbur who took them below to Grimbur’s secret lab. There they were told about a magical plague that was infecting the city.

The bandits helped finalize a recipe for a cure, but more ingredients are required to heal anyone in great numbers. Representatives of the Battle Brothers came to escort the bandits to the South Watchtower, a secondary stronghold of the mercenary army.

The bandits made their way to the Battle Brothers stronghold where they were hired to traverse to the Fat Friar, a tavern that was supposedly full of food and secured from the plague. They found it infested and fought for survival. They discovered the Helian Cathedral was protected by its Sun Orb and got inside where they determined that if they input the cure into the sun orb’s power supply, they could cure all the infected.

They discovered the Spider Lord Voras was creating a dark cloud over the city to keep the sun orb’s power low. They defeated him and he teleported away. They retrieved ingredients for the cure an put them into the sun orb’s power reserve. The plague was removed from all the townsfolk save one girl who raced towards the docks. There they made battle with the demon that possessed her, eventually banishing it from this plane. The plague defeated, they returned to

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Plague in Conterra

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