Pine Hills Apothecary

The signage and decor of the exterior is pleasing to Carl’s homeopathic sensibilities.

The wild elf Maerwynn and human shaman Jalfe sell herbs and potions and offer magical healing services. Bandages, Healing Herbs, Healing Potions and Healing spells

ItemBonus/PowersQty In StockCost
Healing HerbsCTN 10 healing4025sp
Super Healing HerbCTN 15 healing405gp
Bandages+1HP catch breath1001sp
Healing Potiond20 healing3010gp
Super Healing Potion2d20 healing1030gp
Power Herb+1 ST for 1d20 rd105gp
Clarity Herb+1 AU for 1d20 rd105gp
Nimble Herb+1 DX for 1d20 rd105gp
Quality Pipe51gp
Pipe Weed5 bowls501sp
Flavored Pipe Weed5 bowls502sp
Focus Weed+2 Alertness/-2 INI 1d20 min202gp
Charms Weed+2 Social/-2 contested 1d20 min202gp
Space Shrooms/td>1/2 cooldown, MR 2 1d20 min1025gp
Green Man Shrooms/td>+2 Nature, -2 social 1d20 min1010gp
Tongues Shrooms/td>Know a language, feel connection 1d20 min1010gp
Tea10 cups505cp
Candle10 hr1002cp
Healer’s Robes+1 to all Healing spellsn/a300gp
Healing SpellCost per HPn/a1sp
Restoration Spelln/a100gp
Resurrection Spelln/a500gp

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Pine Hills Apothecary

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