Missing tribals

Jalfe is worried that some of his clansmen have gone missing in Dark Watch area while hunting trolls. They are nearly three weeks late from their annual hunt, which is atypical.

The group ventured into the hills and found an abandoned campsite that had a few odds and ends as well as a sack full of troll heads. A stone squirrel was also discovered.

A trail led to a cave where two hobgoblins stood nervously at guard. Frozz and Grozz parlayed with the bandits and agreed to show them to the “Queen of Blackriver”. The hobgoblins were part of a tribe that brought supplies to the Queen. They would dutifully leave the gear on a stone bridge that stood over the Black River, an underground waterway.

The group explored a trap filled cave network and eventually stumbled upon the Queen, a young Medusa. They dispatched her and are continuing to explore the cavern – including some treasure and stone golems

The group found 4 statues that looked similar to the garb and features of Jalfe. The used 4 of their 5 Stone to Flesh potions on the statues and the men were revived. They thanked the group and parted, heading back to Dawnwood and home. They asked that you tell Jalfe they were safe.

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Missing tribals

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