magical plague

Conterra is suffering from a horrible plague. It began occurring about a week ago. The Conterra City Council’s last edict was to seal the city, no traffic in or out. They ordered the mercenary [Battle Brothers]] to guard the city and prevent access or exit.

The mad healer Grimbur has made the following assumptions about the disease.

1. It begins with flu-like symptoms. Sneezing, Coughing, sniffles. The victim soon gets a fever and desires rest.

2. The fever increases and the victim has a congestive cough that produces a thick, black mucous. This mucous is magical in nature and seems to be ‘alive’.

3. The victim’s fever increases and they fall into a death like torpor, only to awaken a few hours later quite feral and very violent. Victims seek to attack unaffected around them, biting and clawing if not armed. These bites and claws, if they draw blood, transmit the plague much more quickly than the flu-like stage.

If a special antidote tea is administered, along with a Restoration spell, the victim can be cured unless they have spent a long time in stage 3.

Autopsy results on stage 3 victims show the black mucous centers in the brain and heart

Types of Infected Encountered
Regular Infected
Other types are rumored.

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magical plague

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