Loot List

ItemBonus/PowersClaimed byResale
Ajax’s Shit
Potion of Perception per spell Ajax 7gp
Fudger’s Deck of Cards(12 charges) Slow Time spell embedded Ajax260 gp
Carl’s Stash
2 Potion of Talent ImprovementAdd 1 rank 50gp ea.
Crystal Ball Eyes and Ears Carl
Ring of Protection +1 +1 AVCarl312gp
Ring of Spellchange +10 to spell change checks Carl
Necklace of Black Pearls +1 AU Carl 315gp
Dagger +1 Grant +1 WB Carl 325gp
Scroll of Banishper spell Carl 127 gp
Scroll of Terrifyper spell Carl 150 gp
3 Cooldown Potions per spell Carl25gp ea.
2 Spellchange Potions+10 spellchange Carl 5gp ea
Levitation Potionper spellCarl12 gp
Kell’s Keeps
Ring of Regeneration lhp / rnd Kell-1 500gp
Shortsword +3 w/End.II Endurance II Kell-2 690gp
Alabaster Horse Sacrifice 1HP for horse d20 hours Kell-3 250gp
Ren’s Gear
Horn of Silence Silence Spell Ren700gp
Flervin’s Take
Staff of the Magi+1 WB, +3 TSC Flervin ???
Magic Robes +4 AV, +3 AU Flervin ???
Up for Grabs
Cooldown Potionper spell 25gp
4 Healing Potionsd20 hp 5gp ea.
Potion of Defenseper spell 25 gp
Scroll of Arrow of Lightper spell 22 gp

Mundane stuff

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Loot List

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