Kurumtum's Arcane Emporium

Kurumtum the Old is an eccentric wizard who buys and sells all sorts of potions, scrolls and other magical paraphernalia. He does not ask questions, and knows his craft. In addition, he sells components and herbs used in the creation of potions.
Common Items

ItemBonus/PowersQty In StockCost
Scrolls5th level or less, under 500gp valuen/aspell price
Potions200gp value or lessn/atbd
Wands500gp value or lessn/atbd
Runic Robes plus 1 AU108gp
Quarterstaffplus 1 TSC, plus 1 WB, breaks on fumble108sp
Daggerplus 1 INI102gp
InkEnough for 50 pages302gp
Parchment1 sheet3001sp
Candle10 hr502cp
Identify Itemn/a5gp
Identify Potionn/a5sp
Magic ServicesSpell Castingn/a1/2 spell cost
Playing Cards101gp
Tarot Cards55gp
Frog or Toadw/ bowl51sp

Specialty Items

ItemBonus/PowersQty In StockCost
Staff of the Mageplus 1 Quarterstaff, plus 3 TSC11,375gp
Garment of the Eagleplus 1 Leather Armor, plus 1 MND12,125gp
Robe of Deep Thoughtplus 2 AV, plus 1 IN11,625gp
Crystal Ballembedded w/Eyes and Ears Spell1740gp
Ring of Spellsauto spell change 1/day11,125gp

Kurumtum's Arcane Emporium

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