Kay's Imports and Exports

Kay’s place is a very small shop, like a pawn shop, with a large, two story warehouse attached. There are jewelry cases, racks of fine clothing and furs, shelves with artwork, metalwork (Basically, this is where adventurer loot that can’t be used to kill more efficiently goes to). There is a cat, usually sitting on a shelf, who watches patrons disinterestedly; a parrot sits on perch behind the counter. There are usually one or two attendants here dusting or otherwise minding the store. The warehouse area is off limits to customers, typically. The place appears to have security, in the form of guards.

People come here to buy, sell, pawn or trade items. Kay also provides money lending and bank services at a fee.

He is also known to hand out jobs to the right types of people.


Kay's Imports and Exports

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