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This is the house of a slaver named Colrath. It is very jail like in its architecture. The establishment is guarded, with one of two plate mail armored guards outside at all times.

No one is allowed inside without first setting up an appointment. Appointment hours are noon to dusk.

Flervin has witnessed a man being whipped on a post outside the building. He was whipped 5 times and then asked if he understood. He said he did and was taken inside.

Main Lobby:
This room features a nice looking fountain with lush greenery in the center. There are some Koi swimming about in the fountain. The walls are painted with some depictions of farmers, laborers and entertainers doing their tasks with smiles with painted gold coins piled on the bottoms of each mural – giving the effect that their work produces wealth.

The wall opposite the entrance has a painted scroll mural with the following:
The slaves for sale here have been trained to serve you passionately. They have come to this state due to debts owed,many come here willingly. If they serve you well, it is up to you to decide when they have earned their freedom. Many cultures hold a debt to 7 years. Your slave may end up being a servant, an employee, even a friend. Please leave your weapons, staves and wands with the attendant. All will be returned to you upon exit.

Stationed here are two more guards and an attractive receptionist.

Conference Rooms and Offices
To the right of the lobby are conference rooms and offices, and a larder of foodstuffs.

This area appears to be used for training, and perhaps punishing, slaves. There are several doors leading out of this room.

A doorway leads to what appear to be cells.
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Hired Help

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