Goblins at Miller's Farm

STATUS: QUEST COMPLETE, PAID (Jackal,Carl, Getto Firehammer, Ajax of Dynomere, Flervin Aeraloth & Cornelius Skrewtopp)
Roosk offered you a job to go investigate the Miller Family farmstead. He often uses their barn as a safe house and resting spot, repaying them in coin left behind. The Millers have been under attack by night time raiders, goblins who have taken livestock.

Roosk wants you to go investigate and find the goblin gang and take care of them before it gets out of hand and authorities or adventurers step in.

He wants goblin ears as proof.

Payment was negotiated to 125gp,

After the bandits left to investigate, a visitor to Latha-Ir revealed that the Miller’s barn had been destroyed, so Roosk negotiated two more to go assist Carl and Jackal. when the group was expanded the payment was increased to 400gp after some very slick negotiations by Ajax.

The group investigated and found the Goblins of the Bloody Hand Tribe warren.

They cleared out all the goblins and investigated a passage leading deeper into the mountain. This area was infested with giant spiders, some of which appeared to have riding apparatus affixed to their carapaces. They group also found burial urns of some vermin cult focused on spiders. They encountered undead skeletons and unlocked the tomb of someone known as the Spider Mistress.


Goblins at Miller's Farm

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