Borrower's Shoppe

Roosk’s Shoppe is filled with all sorts of items that a thief would find useful.
The following basic items from the equipment tables are available here


ItemBonus/PowersQty In StockCost
Deluxe Backpack3 hidden pockets55gp
Climbing GearPitons, hammer101gp
Daily Ration3 meals305sp
Fishing Line and Hook202sp
Shoulder Bag55sp
Tent2 person54gp
Perfume50 applications55gp
Weapon PastePlus 1 WB for d20 attacks505sp
CandleTallow, 6 hr501cp
Lantern Oil4hr305cp
Bulls-eye Lantern58gp
Tinder Kit305cp
TorchBurns 2h, WB+1501cp
Deck of Cards51gp
Marked Cards2 gamble105gp
Lock Pick1001gp
Wooden Dice102cp
Loaded Dice2 gamble52gp
Lock, SimpleLV: 051gp
Lock, GoodLV: 255gp
Lock, SolidLV: 4510gp
Lock, MstwkLV: 8250gp
Lock, DwarvenLV: 121250gp

Arms and Armor

ItemBonus/PowersQty In StockCost
Leather ArmorAV+154gp
Leather Gr & VbAV+154gp
Bow, ShortWB+1, INI+1106gp
Brass Knuckles51gp
ClubWB+1, wood,/td>102sp
Crossbow, LtWB+2, 2h58gp
Sword, ShortWB+1106gp
Throwing Knife102gp

Specialty Items
Caltrops: Thrown, covers up to 3m in squares from the thrower, in the pattern of his or her choosing. If witnessed being thrown, automatically detected, otherwise MV3 perception check required. , If detected, MR is reduced to 2M/round to avoid damage. If undetected or movement not reduced, MAT d10, ignoring armor. Can be reused if the time is taken to pick them all up. (2 minutes). Cost: 5gp.

Smoke Bomb: Thrown. When hits ground, a 3×3M square space is covered temporarily in blinding smoke. Smoke dissipates in d20/2 rounds. Vision is blocked by the smoke and creatures inside the smoke suffer -8 to all checks that involve vision, including attacks and defense. Creatures normally blind or using other senses are not affected by smoke bombs. Smoke bombs are fragile, if a person equipped with them falls or suffers more than 50% total HP in a single hit, they explode on a CTN of 10 or less. Only useable once. Cost 25gp

Blinding Powder: A pinch of this dust blown or thrown into the eyes of an opponent causes them to suffer -4 to all checks for 1d20 rounds or until they can wash their eyes out with water. The thrower/blower must make a RAT attack against the target, who doesn’t add armor (except helmet) to his DEF check. Creatures who do not have eyes or use sight are immune. 2gp.

Ball Bearings: Thrown. Covers up to 1×3m in a straight line from the thrower. Must be thrown onto a smooth surface (like tiled floor) to work. If witnessed being thrown, or detected (MV 2), those travelling through the squares affected must move at MR 2 / round or risk slipping. If undetected or ignored, the traveler must make a MOB+AG check to avoid falling prone. Can be reused if the time is taken to pick them all up (2 minutes). Cost 5gp,

Collapsible Weapon: For three times the cost, a weapon can be made collapsible for easier concealment. When in it’s collapsed state, it takes 1 action per WB to prepare or break down.

Jointed Armor: the MR penalty of armor can be reduced by 0.5 at 4 times the base cost. This does not affect the types of armor that can be worn by a given class.

Breathing Reed: A wooden reed that permits someone to breath underwater. 2gp

Climbing Chalk: Dusting hands with this talc adds +1 to climb check CTNs. 1gp

Climbing Boots – Specialized boots designed for climbing. Cannot be worn with armored greaves. Adds +1 to climb CTNs. 10gp

Climbing Gloves: Specialized gloves designed for climbing. Cannot be worn with armored vambrace. Adds +1 to climb CTNs. 10gp

Disguise Kit: A box filled with makeup, fake facial hair, wigs and such. Adds +2 to any disguise attempts. 50gp

Weapon Lanyard: Can be affixed to any one handed, WB+1 or less weapon and is worn around the wrist or attached to a belt.. Weapon is not dropped when a MAT fumble is rolled. If weapon is dropped to free up hands for another weapon, it is not dropped to ground. 2gp.

Grappling Gun: Spring loaded grappling hook fires with pull of trigger. Hand cranked winch allows user to scale rope at MR speed. 25gp.

Zip Line: A wheel and handle that permits someone to slide down a rope quickly. When affixed to a rope, has a small return line to allow the device to be retrieved for additional usage. 15 gp

Magic Items for sale
Leather Armor +1 1,130gp
Leather Armor of Stealth +1 (Adds 1 rank of Stealth talent) 1,300gp

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Borrower's Shoppe

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