Mudraks the Goblin

Slave of Flervin


Level 1 Goblin Thief, 340xp
BOD: 7(2/1), MOB: 8(2/2), MND: 5(1/0)
HP: 9, DEF: 8, INI: 10, MR: 5, MAT: 9, RAT: 9

Talents: Alertness I
Racial: Small(1/2 HP, -2 to hit), Creature of Darkness, Night Vision

Mudraks is scrawny but surprisingly powerful and quick. He gets filthy and stinky if left to his own, wearing little more than a loincloth.

Mudraks was a member of the Goblins of the Bloody Hand Tribe before escaping them when the tribe aligned itself with some sort of spider or vermin cult. The tribe members were expected to be injected with something that changed their bodies, making them more spider-like in nature.

Mudraks fled and was captured by Colrath’s forces, who took him to Latha-Ir and into the slave trade. He was whipped and beaten into shape, although he shows little discipline on his own.

He was recently purchased by Flervin for the sum of 10 gold pieces. He constantly seeks his new master’s approval and appears to be a very willing servant. Flervin has purchased a robe to hide his race, as goblins tend to be attacked on sight.

If trained properly, he may eventually be allowed to take a class.


Mudraks the Goblin

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