Kell Valthrune

A human mercenary looking for fame and riches.


Human; Fighter; lvl 7; XP 2423
Bod 8(7/7); Mob 7(1/1); Mnd 5(0/0) 
HP25; Def 15,20,22,23; Init: 10; Mov 4.5;
Mat 15; Rat 8; Current Slayer Points: 0

Greataxe+1, wb+5, MAT+1, -5Init., -5 defense to target; Total: 22
Grudgebearer Shortsword+3, wb+4, MAT+1, Total: 21 ( Endurance 2=6hp, Say Grudgebearer for
Addional wb+1 )
Longbow, wb+1, 1 Init., Total: 10
Throwing Knife, 0wb, MAT
1, Throwable -1 every 2m.; Total: 15/8
Sling, 0wb, -1 every 2m.; Total: 8

Chainmail+1, +3AV; (Vigilance, rise from prone once per combat)
Metal Helmet, +1AV; -1Init.
Metal Shield, +1AV; -0.5Move
Leather Vambraces, +1 AV


Close Combat (2 rank); 1 per talent to melee

Parry (2 ranks); If he has drawn a close combat weapon, the character receives a +1 bonus per
talent rank to his Defense against any melee attack of which he is aware and that does not
occur from the rear.
Lightning Reflexes (1 rank); In combat, he receives a +2 bonus per talent rank to his
initiative. Additionally he may once per battle and talent rank draw, change or pick up a
weapon from the ground as a free action.
Injure (3 rank); During melee, the character aims at vulnerable body parts of his opponent: The
opponent’s defense against the character’s melee attacks is lowered by 1 for each talent
rank in Injure. (
1 rank loyalty)
Resist Magic (2 rank); Spells directed against the character get a penalty of 2 for each talent
rank. (+1 Rank Loyalty)


Simple clothing, Backpack, blanket(warm, travel), water skin, Climbing Gear, 10m Rope,
tinder, flint, steel, daily ration (9 meals), torches (5), leather cup, Ring of Regen +1hp/rnd., Alabastor Horse: Sacrifice 1HP for horse d20 hours.

Misc Gear:
healing herbs (x2), Healing Potion (x2)
336gp, 92sp, 79cp, 300gp Gold Man’s Ring


Kell was born in Westing to a dress maker. His father was a mercenary that he never met and only gained a last name from. He was 16 when a merchant’s wagon killed his mother crossing the street. Unable to pay for their lodging he was cast out onto the street. For the last 4 years he’s been making way as a caravan guard, dock worker, bouncer, or any other odd job that’s come along. Never able to make a decent wage, he’s hoping to make a change in his life. Even though life hasn’t been peaches for Kell, he hasn’t let himself fall into darkness. He remembers a loving mother and childhood that really wasn’t that bad. He’s usually an affable person, unless he’s drunk or angry.

Kell Valthrune

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