Cornelius Skrewtopp

Elven Wizard making a living


Elf; Mage (Wizard); lvl 1; XP 0
Bod 8; Mob 5; Mnd 7; 
HP 18; Def 9; Init: 5; Mov 3; Mat 13; Rat 8; SPC 8; TSC 11+1 (staff)

Racial Abilities:

Fleet-Footed, Nightvision, Immortal

Quarterstaff, +1wb; Total: 7
Dagger, +0wb, +1 initiative; Total: 13

Shield – Wooden; AV 1

Rascal (1 rank); +3 per rank vs. social skills


Simple clothing, Backpack, blanket(warm, travel), water skin,
tinder, flint, steel, daily ration (3 meals), healing herbs x3, pipe, pipeweed x10 pipes


Fire Beam; TSC 12; Dist IN x 5 meters


An elf of average height, Cornelius is late of the Mage’s Academy, eager to make something of himself. To him, while running around and defeating evil is a good way to make a name, his main goal is to get experience so he can make this career self-sustaining, i.e., he wants to be able to settle down eventually in a nice tower and actually make a LIVING at magic. Rich would be nice, but he’ll settle for a small tower near a town with a white picket fence, a family, etc…

As for adventuring, well, it’s means to an end. While he’s not a coward, he does appreciate the notion of descretion being the better part of valor and would like to live to fight another day, if possible. If not, he’s a staunch ally (he hopes) and will fight to the bitter end, if necessary.

Now, having said all that, he’s also known to be a tad larcenous if it will help his (and the party’s) goals (like raising some sorely needed funds or getting the party out of a sticky situation with their heads intact). After all, he wasn’t born with that smooth tongue for nothing. Think of Brett Maverick and you’re not too far off.

Cornelius Skrewtopp

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