Bandit Tales

Episode 4: R&R

In which the bandits slay a monster and spend gold

The bandits stood before the open tomb, reluctant to enter. The walls of the crypt were decorated with carved stone resembling spider webs. A sarcophagus rested on a dias two feet or so off the ground. The dais was ringed in more script. More words of the revenge that would take place upon the higher races, at the hands of “vermin” (Rats, spiders and such).

Ajax studied the floor carefully. His elven eyes spied no traps. He crept forward, with Getto looking over his shoulder from the doorway. He moved to the dais, finding it free from traps as well. Getto spied something he missed, handprints on the sarcophagus, in the dust.

“I was getting to those” Ajax replied, moving to the side of the casket. There he found a piece of paper. It had magical runes written on it, a script he could not decipher. Without hesitation, he brought the note back to Flervin and Carl.

Flervin looked over the parchment. “These are incantations…this one would have helped get the user past the skeletal guardians in the hall behind us….and these…would awaken the spirit of whomever is – or was – inside there.” he muttered as he pointed to the sarcophagus.

Ajax studied the stone casket carefully. It didn’t appear trapped. Getto approached and offered his dwarven might to push the lid off and reveal the contents inside. With a heave, the lid toppled off and broke in two on the ground. The casket was empty, although the shape of the padding inside led the group to believe that the owner was not human. There was also a place in the coffin for something large and rectangular, perhaps a tome?

Ajax pulled out his sword, ready to carve the interior in search of hidden secrets. Carl, still at the door with Flervin, heard a strange noise behind him. Turning, he saw a frightful sight. A wizened, dead looking spider, who’s head had been replaced with the torso of a skeletal woman. “A drider!” he yelled, “An undead drider!”

The creature struck out at Flervin, lacerating him with a sharp taloned leg. Getto jumped off of the dais and waded forward into combat. Carl pulled Flervin to safety, administering his healing touch while he did so. Ajax pulled a bolt from his new magic quiver. The dart glowed with a magical light, proving Flervin’s study of the magical quiver was accurate.

The beast snarled and fought bitterly with Getto, but could not pierce his defenses. Carl, offended by the foul beast, leaped forward with his warhammer and layed blow after blow with the accuracy of a warrior. Flervin’s fiery bolts and the sting of Getto’s axe eventually felled the beast.

The group inspected the corpse and found it carrying some magical jewelry. Ajax’s assumptions that the casket held riches was accurate. Under the padding he found a pile of coins and some magic items. Flervin and Carl studied each, learning their secrets.

The group returned to the Miller farmstead where they found young David waiting for them. He mentioned seeing a black cloaked figure leave the area just a few hours before the bandits did. Ajax, feeling very charitable, gave the boy 100 silver pieces. Shocked and thankful, the boy agreed to keep things secret and returned to share the riches with his needy family.

The journey back to Latha-Ir was uneventful. The group managed to find the hidden cave entrance and were greeted by Knorz and Schlorz, the two orc guards, who escorted them past the defenses and into town.

They settled the reward money at Roosk’s shoppe where Ajax admired some expensive magical leather armors.

Getto hit the Hole and ordered a personal feast, while Ajax arranged semi-permanent residency at the Dark Room, getting two rooms for the group for 6 months. Fergal agreed to the sum of 150 gp per month.

Flervin and Carl went to Kurumtum’s magic shop. On the way out, Flervin witnessed a slave being beaten outside of Colrath the Slaver’s compound. The beating was short and the man was moved inside soon after.

The group reunited at the Hole where they saw the arrival of Kay the Fence, who seemed to hold a lot of clout in town. He had a special booth and Gombur even brought him over a special goblet of wine.

THere were lots of things to do, but the drink tasted good and there would be time for that later.


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