Bandit Tales

Episode 25: Homecoming

In which the bandits destroy a tome and almost get thrown out of Latha

The bandits traveled back to the Pine Hills. Along the way they encountered Jalfe and Maerwynn heading into the Dawnwood Forest. The duo expressed joy at seeing them again and then revealed their reason for travel.

Spiders had invaded the forest. Carl immediately grabbed his axe and looked toward the forest, while the others debated as to their original plan of destroying the tome. The group decided to destroy the book first, then return to Latha to refresh and finally return to the Dawnwood. Ajax asked the two not to do anything stupid until they got back.

The group traveled across the Pine Hills and into the Shimmer Mountains. They found a curious sign offering ‘free beer’ at a lone inn on a mountain road. (The Last Inn in the Shimmers). They were very focused so they continued onto Old Forge, passing a few more signs pressing the urgency of the free beer. The paint was still wet and some words were misspelled, causing the bandits to assume a trap.

The bandits arrived in Old Forge and had a run in with the guards over Mudraks. The captain of the guard recognized Kell’s sword Grudgebearer and remembered his rescue of the Long Beards who had been captured by trolls. The group was allowed in and they headed right for the massive furnace.

The smith was willing to assist and started stoking the fire when a cleric of Cor, the dwarven creator, came forth and attempted to seize the tome. He seemed concerned about the book somehow tainting the forge and wanted to investigate the matter before throwing it in. The bandits protested to deaf dwarven ears. Reluctantly, Ajax dropped his last two time-stopping cards and snagged the book and tossed it deep into the firey furnace.

The book exploded in a terrify display of arcane fire. The bandits used this distraction to flee back to Latha.

While in Latha, Carl encountered Kay at the Hole and confronted him about trying to sell the tome. Kay seemed nonchalant about his lack of concern over apocalypses. His attitude upset the bumpkin, who attacked him. Kay sat idly while his cat leaped from his lap and took the attack – clearly not your normal tabby. Kay accused the group of being “heroes” which angered the crowd. He then touched his cat, Abaddon, and teleported out of sight.

Roosk ushered the group into his home and promised to clear things up as long as the bandits lay low and leave town. He offered them a job to which they said they would get to soon. In the morning the group left town quietly and headed back to the Dawnwood

Jalfe and Maerwynn had not been to the inn that Ajax recommended they wait for them in


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