Bandit Tales

Episode 24: The Plague in Conterra pt 7

In which the Bandits beat up a little girl

The bandits raced after the little girl, finding it impossible to keep up with her as she ran with supernatural speed towards the dock district. She jumped from the docks across the river to the deck of the Westward on Longstream, the Battle Brothers ship. Soon after the ship hoisted anchor and set sail.

Ajax mustered some men at arms to take the infected’s siege machines to bear on the ship while the rest of the bandits, along with Arla, raced to the shoreline. Battle Brothers on the ship began to fire their bows at the bandits. Arla cast a spell that put an immovable barrier in front of the ship. Seeing this, Carl dove into the water and swam for the boat.

He climbed up the opposite side of the ship, finding the little girl barking orders to the Battle Brother crew, who looked as if under a trance. Donning a captain’s coat, he moved unnoticed on the deck. When the time was right he bum rushed the unsuspecting girl and carried her over the side of the ship. The crew instantly came to their senses and wondered what had happened.

The girl changed from her very mature bossy nature to a helpless little girl, which everyone suspected very much. When they reached shore, she saw Arla and growled, releasing a demonic spirit that transformed into a massive demon. It charged Arla, nearly killing the healer.

The bandits battled the beast, Carl racing around healing this person and that. Meanwhile, Ajax acted as forward observer, sending ballista bolts and chunks of stone at the demon. It eventually fell and a near-dead Arla banished it from this plan.

The bandits rejoined the recovering community of Conterra and were given a hero’s send off. Arla finally noticed the book was missing and the bandits quietly slipped away and retrieved it. They decided to take it to Old Forge, a dwarven smith-town with a magical furnace hot enough to destroy the evil tome.


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