Bandit Tales

Episode 23: A Plague in Conterra pt 7

In which the bandits save the city

The Fat Friar is shut up tight. The bandits break in and find it filled with infected. They battle their way through the restaurant and eventually clear it, including the infected Fat Friar himself. They grab the ingredients – but not before Ajax uses one of his last time stopping cards to cut Arla’s backpack off and steal back the Journal of Anaxagoras. He buries it in the forest outside of town and makes his way back to the temple.

The rest of the bandits race back to the temple and Grimbur builds the tea while Kel and the rest tie up Flervin, who’s going through the change. Grimbur injects the tea into the reservior just as the siege begins. The guards shut down the orb and open the doors. The infected can’t resist and all race towards the temple. At the right time Carl throws the switch and the orb glows with an unearthly light.

The light forces the demonic plague out of all of the infected. Kell hurls Flervin’s bed into the light and he is cured too. There are masses of wounded but they are not infected. A black oily smoke curls away from the light and enters a little girl. She smiles a demonic smile and turns out of sight…


KellyDavis KellyDavis

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