Bandit Tales

Episode 18: A Plague in Conterra pt 2

In which the Bandits make it to the Battle Bros stronghold

The bandits fight there way through a few more infected city blocks and finally reach the Battle Brothers northern watchtower. There they find the handful of mercenaries are holding out against an ever increasing number of infected.

Grimbur, Arla and Carl make a few batches of antidote and Carl takes one, giving the other to one of the wounded brothers. Both are cured. They meet the Sergeant of the Guard and he clues them into what’s going on around the city.

There is another Battle Bros tower on the south wall, but they have not responded to flag or fire signals in two days. The Battle Bros’ ship, the Westward on Longstream is anchored in the river outside of town. The infected will not enter the water, not yet at least, so it’s safe. The City Council and Battle Bros’ seat of government, the Fortress of Order was believed to be holding up but no contact has happened in a few days. The last message delivered was ’seal the city to all traffic in and out" and the Brothers are following that last order.

The Helian Temple is also a safe haven due to a magical force field it creates.

There is also a restaurant called “The Fat Friar” which is holding out. They have stockpiles of food. The Brothers may need to ‘convince’ the owner to get his food and people over to the tower.

The bandits decide to try to make it the temple and check it out.


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