Bandit Tales

Episode 17 - Plague in Conterra

The PCs, after equipping themselves with a number of scrolls, headed into the city proper with the Battle Brothers to fetch the necessary supplies from the apothecary. Noon Priestess Arla stayed behind to assist with the “sick.” Ren and Ajax headed up to the rooftops for a bit. Ren fell through one roof and discovered a woman hiding in the attic. The woman followed Ren to the rooftop and was nearly killed when attempting to climb down. She was sent back to the door leading to the inn’s cellars outside of the city.

The party fought their way through several blocks of the city. Karl sprinted ahead, trying to keep the party moving. Battle brothers Vareck and Darrin (as well as Karl) were scratched by zombies and possibly infected. Helmford, the other battle bro., was severely wounded.

At the third block the party was again attacked by yet more zombies. This time the zombies were accompanied by a large, blue, ogre-ish zombie. Kell used the fire breath potion to incinerate two of the zombies, and the archers played a large role in felling the big blue hulk.

At the conclusion of the sit, the party still had to traverse two more blocks to reach their destination.


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