Bandit Tales

Episode 13: Jailbreak

In which the bandits perform a jailbreak

Ajax told everyone about his plan to ambush the stone golems at the natural bridge. He raced there and set up a trip rope and covered the narrow rock bridge with ball bearings. Then he waited.

The rest of the group stayed and fought the golems for a few moments. Both Flervin and Kell were heavily wounded in the process. Carl healed and enchanted Kell’s blade, but the warrior never really seemed to get a good hit in against the stone automatons.

Eventually the group fell back and quickly outpaced the lumbering golems. Flervin and Ren fired away at the monstrosities as they fell back to the bridge. The unthinking machines simply marched forward, devoid of tactical thought. One fell before the bridge and the other stepped onto it, tripping on the bearings. Kell and several others pushed him over the side, creating a giant splash in the river below.

The group leaned over the edge to see the golem moving about below, reaching for them in vain. Happy with their victory, they explored the rest of the medusa’s cave network. They came across another room of statues, but these remained still. Four seemed to match Jalfe in appearance, these must have been his tribe’s hunting party. One by one, the bandits gave up a stone to flesh potion and soon all 4 men were restored.

They were overjoyed and thanked their rescuers. Ajax held onto this potion and the other petrified victims had to remain as such. Carl tried to pick Ajax’s pocket to get the last potion but failed horribly. Some quick thinking saved the day but mostly made Mudraks uncomfortable as he watched men digging in each other’s pants.

The group headed onto Premont, deciding to liberate Roosk’s nephew David. The journey was pleasant and many plans were made as to how to break the boy out. Ajax was convinced that with their rescue of the Longbeards, they would be able to use that and some gold to simply bail the thief out.

They arrived at Premont, with Ironhall, clearly the largest community in Pine Hills. The massive dwarven city, surrounded by squat, angular towers – along with the human city that wrapped around it – was a sight to behold.

They did a bit of window shopping before Carl broke up the mall rats and got them back on task. Ajax and Kell walked up to the jail’s front (and only) door and knocked. Carl kept watch out in the street. Ajax asked to see the prisoner but his request was refused. He then offered to pay a bail and the guard fetched the warden. The warden listened to Ajax’s request and then turned him down, it was apparent that he wanted more than 50gp for the prisoner’s release.

Carl decided to create a distraction and became belligerent to some passing town guard. They arrested him and moved past Ajax and Kell and into the jail. In the confusion, Ajax dropped a magical card and time stopped. Walking past Carl and his jailers, the warden and the other guards, Ajax passed through the door and investigated the rest of the prison.

He walked an inner courtyard, the mess hall and a long hallway (each area defended by guards). He looked at each prisoner he came across, looking for some family resemblance to Roosk. All these men looked too old or rough to be David. He found the door to the prison block locked. Worried that picking the lock would break the card’s spell, he found it not so. He picked the lock and entered the block.

THere were 20 or more cells in this room, including a large cell holding an ogre! THere was a large switch on the wall that appeared to open all the cells at once. He pulled the switch and time resumed. The prisoners stood in amazement as someone appeared and the doors all opened. He found David and told the boy to climb on his back. Then he dropped another card and exited. He passed by Carl, tucking a note and a magic card into his loincloth. THen he was outside, where he tucked a note into Kell’s pocket. Both notes indicated he was taking David to Latha.

He raced out of town and didn’t put the boy down until well out of the city. Time resumed.

Meanwhile a band of escaped prisoners, lead by the ogre, came storming down the hall. The guards rallied. The man in charge of Carl went to join his mates but Carl kept resisting arrest. Frustrated, the guard took a swing at the mountain man, hoping to take him down before the ogre bore down on the group.

The warden raced away as the ogre slammed into the guards. Kell put a food out and tripped the man. In the confusion, Carl escaped. The warden raced to the barracks, alerting the guards. THe bandits decided to leave town very quickly.

They met up with Ajax in the woods and planned their next steps.


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