Bandit Tales

Episode 12: The Queen of Blackriver

In which the bandits find a medusa's lair.

Written by Matthew Ingram
Sham sent to The Collector’s tower while the rest of the party heads off to Darkwatch to search for Jalfe’s missing kinsmen, and then (hopefully) on to Premont.

Party finds a trail leading to an abandoned campsite and a bag of troll heads.

Ren finds a statue of a squirrel.

Tracks lead to a cave surrounded by exquisite statues of deer, orcs, and humans.

Party meets, intimidates, & charms Frozz and Grozz, the Queen of the Black River’s reluctant guards and porters. Frozz and Grozz lead the party over the bridge.

5gp is recovered in the storage room. Carl takes a cast iron pot for a helmet.

Flerv clotheslines a fleeing Frozz.

Ajax hit by a spear trap on the steps.

Party smells brimstone & rotten fur at the top of the steps, and then Kell kills a chained hellhound.

Ajax finds treasure!

Medusa ambushes Carl in her bedroom.

The Queen of the Black River meets her end at the hands of Ren.

Mudraks recovers stone to flesh potions when Ajax could not. And Ajax is once again snatched from the embrace of the elf maidens and returned to the prime material plane.

Flerv awakens Stone Golems.

[EDIT: Flerv defecates in his robes.]


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